About this website

Aikido is a deep spiritual path. We need spiritual aikido teachers to guide us on that path.

This website is dedicated to this path. First we feel deeply connected with both Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy, both of whom are highly competent Aikido teachers that have trained with Saito Sensei. And both are meditation teachers.

The seminars of Miles Kessler and Patrick Cassidy always attrack an international audience. So there was a need for a website that leaves nothing to the fantasy, and everything to explore. Spiritual Aikido.

And because because our dojo name is difficult for an international audience: Aikido aan de Rijn.

The team

Ronnie Stevens

Initiator, Dojo-Cho of Aikido aan de Rijn

Rinske Gotink

Dojo Cho Aikido aan de Rijn

Marieke Lansdaal

Organizer, full of ideas

Affiliated dojo’s

Would you like to be on this list? Contact ronnie@spiritualaikido.org.